Nane’ Pr’out


A proud Philadelphia native, Nane’ (or, “Mr. Q,” as the kids call him), attended Penn State University and received his bachelor’s from Eastern University. Married to his high school sweetheart, Nane’ has been in the Information Technology field for almost twenty years, and is currently an assistant director at one of Pennsylvania’s most prestigious law firms. Nane’ has a heart for serving people, and many years ago, opened a Christian music store right in the middle of Philadelphia’s biggest party zone—the infamous South Street. Nane’ teaches the youth at Antioch, and in his own words, “I’m probably the typical tech guy in that I love Lord of The Rings, Star Trek, and Star Wars, though I don’t dress up in the costumes, at least not yet. My desire is to lay a solid Gospel foundation in kids’ hearts and minds, and to help them think and learn to apply God’s wisdom before facing innumerable challenges in the high school years and beyond.” Nane’ has been at Antioch since its inception, some 17 years ago.nnQuestions? Please email

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