Pastor Aaron Campbell


Aaron Campbell is a speaker and author, and the founder and lead pastor of Antioch Christian Fellowship. A graduate of The University of Pennsylvania, Aaron has been serving Philadelphia’s universities and drug-and-gang communities—and all people-groups in between —for some 20 years. Though a pastor at heart, Aaron’s evangelism traverses racial/ethnic, cultural, and socio-economic lines—lending to Antioch being one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse churches in the city. A proud Native-American, Aaron also does extensive work in remote native reservations and communities, Alaska in particular. For his ongoing work in Alaska, in 2014, Aaron was invited to share at The United Nations in NYC on indigenous marginalization and poverty. Aaron has hosted multiple large events in Philadelphia for Dr. Ravi Zacharias. He is the author of Eyes That Seen Plenty—a coming-of-age story chronicling his journey of juggling the inner-city life of drugs and crime, and the Ivy-League, while also exploring some seven different worldviews before finding the truth in Christ. Aaron has been featured on national television for Eyes That Seen Plenty, and the book has been adopted into the curriculum at two major universities. Aaron’s hobbies include hanging out with his wife and kids, gardening, reading, travel, fishing, and grilling meats on an open fire.

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