Pastor Sherman Adams


As a pure pragmatist, Sherman seems to have a fitting story for every situation. A lover of culture and rich fellowship, he has traveled the country with some 30 years of management in the retail and fashion industry, namely Macy’s and Lord & Taylor. As of late, he has managed a large, tri-state team at the second largest national satellite TV provider. He is the grandson of one of Philadelphia’s historically-noted preachers, Reverend W.H.R. Powell, personal friend to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and one who regularly shared pulpits with Tenth Presbyterian’s legendary, Dr. Donald Grey Barnhouse. It was at his grandfather’s church, Shiloh Baptist Church (Philadelphia’s second oldest Black baptist church), where Sherman served as a deacon for over two decades. During his time in Atlanta, Sherman also served at First Baptist Church pastored by Dr. Charles Stanley. In summary, Sherman has spent the majority of his life watching effective ministries operate, while gleaning from many spiritual “giants in the faith.” Sherman’s hobbies include hanging out with his nephews, eating out, exploring technology, reading, and watching movies.

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